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The disease does not differ in high resistance to temperatures - only 40 minutes is enough to destroy the pathogen. Epizootological informationI.

The latter variety usually infects an adult that is kept on pasture. And stall disease is dangerous for lambs aged 3 to 7 months and in the vast majority of cases is fixed when animals live in a stall. Despite the possibility of distribution throughout the year, outbreaks usually occur in the summer. This is due to droughts and Furosemide pills that the lambs have to eat grass that is polluted with earth and silt. There just might be pathogenic bacteria. Sometimes bradzot appears due to the fact that the sheep are given water from a stagnant source.

Typically, this disease affects well-fed individuals, mostly young, under 24 months of age. This disease has no seasonality and can strike both in the dead of winter and on the hottest summer days. Roughage can become infected if the carcasses of sheep that have been affected by this disease have not been removed from the field where they are harvested. There are cases when animals ate frozen food and received hypothermia.

Also, the cause of the disease in pets may be a sharp change in diet from winter to green grass, which has properties for fermentation. It causes disturbances in the digestive system, which reduces the resistance of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract to the penetration of dangerous infections. In addition, the use of poisonous grass, as well as an imbalance in the diet of vitamins and minerals, can contribute to the onset of the disease.

The causative bacterium, Chlostridium septicum, resides permanently inside the sheep's digestive system. However, when there is a violation in the secretion and motility of the stomach and intestines, and the permeability of the abomasum and duodenum changes, this type of bacteria passes into the thickness of the mucous membranes. There begins active reproduction and the release of dangerous toxins. The latter provoke the occurrence of severe symptoms, which can kill a huge part of the herd.

Often this infectious disease has a fulminant form of Lasix. Sometimes there are situations when shepherds close the sheep in the stall in the evening completely healthy, and in the morning they find dead individuals. When pastured into the field, the sheep gradually fall one by one and die in 30 minutes.

In rare cases, death occurs within 8 hours. At the same time, convulsions, reddening of the conjunctiva and mild tympanitis appear.

The conjunctiva is hyperemic. Saliva with blood impurities flows from the mouth. Animals are restless. The sheep gnashes its teeth. Loss of appetite. The disappearance of chewing gum. Breathing becomes faster than usual. Bloody fluid flows from the nose and mouth. Individual sheep may suffer from bloody diarrhea, tympanitis. Edema can be found in the submandibular space (on the neck or chest). Some sheep can get very excited and behave restlessly. In this case, jerky movements can be observed. These periods are followed by episodes of general weakness and difficulty breathing.

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Usually such a lamb dies within a few hours after the onset of such symptoms. Sometimes such a course of the disease is also possible. The temperature of a sick animal reaches 41 degrees, the breathing rate increases and reaches 76 per minute. The pulse quickens to 104 beats. In addition, the following symptoms appear:
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